I have been watching the news lately and it appears that George Soros is now banking a large portion of his massive wealth on a downturn in the American stock market. The current DOW market trends are eerily trending an exact copy of the market just prior to the 1929 stock market crash, and we are just days away from a total collapse, if the trend continues..

I hope you have plenty of supplies, toilet paper, Bic lighters, food, water, ammunition?


I have been silent for a while now, but not because I have nothing to say, but rather because I needed to study the event’s that are going on around us and to form a coherent statement on where I see the country going.

I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the last presidential election was a fraud. Period. As more and more cases of voter fraud are brought forward, it is becoming painfully clear that a mass conspiracy to rig the elections occurred and the Democrats won by fraud and deception. Because of this, our Country has been on a steady decline in morals, our Economy is in decline as the FED prints more and more money as our currency is devalued, our respect in the World has gone to the pits, and DHS has been on a buying binge for arms and ammo for the upcoming civil war that is headed our way like a freight train as gun control laws and attacks on our moral fiber are enacted. I truly believe that all out civil war is only one well placed shot away at any given time. It may not be a war between the citizens, but it will definitely be an armed overthrow of the government we have in place. An “American Spring,” if you will. Just so you don’t get the wrong ideas, I have no intention of starting a war, or even an armed overthrow of the government, but I will definitely stand with the side that chooses to eliminate the ridiculous crap we call government, if the chance arises.  

The Federal Government, all 3 branches of it, are out of control and corrupt and SOMETHING has to be done to correct it. I really do not believe that any of our branches of military would shoot american citizens who are doing their best to uphold the Constitution, so that leaves only NATO troops or other foreign troops to “defend” the government offices now in power.  I can see the handwriting on the wall, so to speak, and I know it is coming. There have already been reports of foreign accent speaking individuals in DHS uniforms and driving DHS trucks which has gone completely unexplained. The purchase of over a BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo by DHS definitely has everyone’s attention these days as it looks like they are preparing for all out civil unrest as well… and enough ammo to last 20+ years. I’ll let you try to reason out why DHS would buy so much ammo for yourself.

There was a time when I looked at those that were “Preppers” as though they were lunatics on the fringes of society. As time goes by, they are looking more and more sane, and perhaps those that are not getting ready for a major change in the society as we know it are the ones who are lunatics. I have begun to store foods, ammo, and medicines that would be useful in the event a collapse of normal society occurs. I have been doing some “crash course” studying on what kinds of foods store well and how to store them so that they do not spoil over extended periods. I would HIGHLY suggest that you also have at least several months of food stored for your family, including a way to cook it that doesn’t involve electricity from the grid. Personally, I will defend my food and my family, with every means available to me. You can make your own decisions on how you want to respond if and when there is what I see as a total breakdown of government. 

Of course, I hope that NONE of my predictions are accurate, but I honestly do not see that as being reality. I really hope that *SOME* of those we have elected can manage to steer government in a more sane direction before it is too late. I also hope that true and fair elections once again rule the country.

Has it occurred to anyone that  we may have been lied to about the death of OBL? 

Here is why I ask the question:

First of all, this supposedly happened in Pakistan, within a mile of one of their army bases, yet this all went undetected by them. We were told this was performed by Navy Seals, and then every one of those seals were killed in a helicopter that was shot down in Afghanistan a couple of weeks later.  Has it occurred to anyone to ask why Navy Seals were even in Afghanistan in the first place?

Then we get as far as taking OBL’s body out to an aircraft carrier in the middle of niwhere in the ocean. Of course, this is the most wanted man in the world and he is now dead, and yet of the entire fleet of navy and marines that were on board this vessel (over 5,000 of them), NOT ONE of them can say he saw OBL’s body, and only a couple of them saw his burial at sea. Doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd that we wouldn’t have gathered the whole fleet of destroyers, tenders, supply ships, and every man on this aircraft carrier to witness such a historic occasion?

Wheat about OBL’s wife, whim we supposedly captured in this raid? Has anyone actually talked to her about it? Again, a strange situation.

Any pictures, video’s, DNA reports, or other hard evidence that anyone was actually killed in Pakistan? Of corse we do have a picture of a left behind and classified helicopter tail rotor that was handed over to the Chinese. But really, was this actually in Pakistan? How convenient that the guy who supposedly gave us the information to find OBL was captured and killed by the Pakistan government. No way to question this guy to prove or disprove the whole thing was true or just another lie by the government.

Then there is a pesky FOX News report, dated in 2001, which claimed OBL died of a lung infection and was buried in the hills of Pakistan in mid 2001.  We were told before the Afghanistan war began that OBL had a kidney problem and had to get dialysis treatments or he would die from this. Hardly ever heard another peep about this, though. What ever became of that ?

It is also strange that Admirals and Army Generals who would have been over such a raid have now been removed from command over an incident in Banghazi where American Diplomats and those that chose to come to their aid were killed in a gun running scheme where our government was supplying arms to Syrian rebels. This is the same high ranking military who would have also been involved in the plot to kill OBL in Pakistan (if there had really been such a thing).

Again, have we been lied to?

Copied as a anonymous comment on the current state of Detroit, Michigan. I could not agree more with this writer’s statement:

Detroit — welcome to the museum of liberalism, progressivism, and unenlighted democracy. Once the most prosperous city in the nation, if not the world, it has been utterly destroyed by the Democratic party. Contrast Detroit with modern day Hiroshima to compare the relative destructive power of liberalism and the atomic bomb — there’s no doubt which is more deadly to a city.

Time after time I see where some of the Arab world actually gets to experience the good, moral conduct of the people of Israel. Finding themselves in an Israeli hospital after being hit by rockets that were launched by other Arabs, and getting all of the best care the world has to offer, sometimes even getting that care ahead of IDF soldiers. You never see this kind of thing on the news, not even FOX news. It is only when the people themselves get enough courage to stand up and compose it in their own words that you ever get to see these things. Even then, you have to search for them.

There never has been any state or region that has been known as “Pallestine.” Yet, the news agencies continue to report that Israel is doing horrendous things to the people of Pallestine. I mean, they send targeted bombs into Gaza and take out launch sites for those who are shooting rockets and missiles into Israel, and people get killed and injured!  WOW ! Go figure how that happens… those mean old Jews!  Really? REALLY? The truth is, I really don’t see how the Jewish people have been so patient for so long. Why have they not wiped these cancerous peoples off of the map decades ago? Are there not enough sane Arab people to put a stop to this insanity?

I have nothing against Arabs. They have a culture that is rich in history and they have the power to be world leaders in technology, especially in energy sources and new types of energy hungry products. They refuse education, especially for their females, and this is only leading them further down a spiral of poverty and hatred.

Obama is the POTUS for another 4 years. I find it strange that California, and most of new england put him back in office. Of course you have south Florida who joined up to put him over the edge and into victory lane. Corruption is rampant and it is only the states that do not have voter ID laws that voted for Obama… go figure. I have now stocked up on food and weapons in what I hope is enough of quantities to help my family survive the breakdown of society that is surely coming. We are now on the fiscal cliff for our economy and already food prices are shooting up. Major corporations are laying off more and more employees and some just choose to close their plants forever rather than continue to suffer from all of the regulations. The EPA already has a long list of more and more stringent environmental standards to impose on society, and factories overseas are cheering them on as they watch the USA commit suicide. A slow, deliberate suicide.

Most of the original Southern states have petitioned the POTUS to secede from the Union. I don’t think any of the South or the heartland of America is happy with the direction our Country is headed, yet we seem to be powerless to change it. There will be a straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back that will trigger a revolution of change, but as of right now I am unsure of what that straw is. People seem complacent in accepting tyranny and Communism as the normal for the day, even welcoming Socialism as though it was something new that will somehow cleanse our sins and make us a whole, moral country again. <SIGH>

I see that my comments are read, which makes me a little happy. I hope those that are reading somehow get something good out of my rants. I also see that it has drawn some gibberish replies from muslims and sheeple New Englanders. Those I will continue to delete as SPAM. 

I will continue to purchase more of the essential tools and food and prepare for the worst. I suggest that you do the same. We have already experienced a breakdown in morality. We have experienced a breakdown in education. We are experiencing a breakdown in the election process. we are on the verge of a breakdown of our economy. In the event of the breakdown of society, I plan on feeding and protecting my family as long as it takes. 

I have been involved in a food truck builder scam in Tampa, Florida.

If you have been involved with http://foodtruckone.com  or William C. “Bill” Dillon or “Rolling Restaurants”, located in the Tampa, Florida area, PLEASE contact Detective Timothy Allen #234 with the Hillsboro Sheriff’s office at 813-247-8775 and reference case number 12-576589.

Bill Dillon also uses an email address of rollingrest@gmail.com

There are several other officers and Detectives investigating this Bill Dillon.

You may also want to contact Officer Pasuik or Detective Blessing at the Pinellas Park Sheriff’s Office at 727-541-0758,

, or a Detective Roberts With the Florida Consumer Fraud Division at 727-464-6200.

This guy has a long history of scams, including a hydro-fuel scam, restaurant scams, solar panel scams, and for the last few years it has been food truck scams. He usually advertises on Craig’s List in southeastern cities from Dallas, Houston, Ft. Worth, memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, and in several other online advertising sites in Louisiana.

Here are some of the links to the sites where he has listings:









Dillon also has answered my emails using an email address of dilloncertaa@aol.com

here is a couple of ad’s where he is advertising for a work at home web page designer




Here we are, one week out from the biggest election of the century, and we have a HUGE hurricane that has wreaked havoc in the northeast.

Immediately, on the morning after the storm hit the Northeast, Romney suspends his campaigning and starts to hold food drives for the people that need help while Obama is all talk, telling the people he will break the Government if necessary, to provide them help.

We have reports of the people of the South getting out of their homes and helping each other recover from the storm, providing shelter and meals to those who cannot help themselves. http://www.redcrosswv.org/detalle_noticias.asp?id=12425&IdCapitulo=gg76au49a5

While in the North we see that people are too lazy to walk across a bridge to get to work or even to go to the other side of town to take a bath and get food. In NJ the Police have blocked off sections of towns, not even allowing those who had evacuated to return to their homes, telling them they are protecting them. I say this is a Nanny state effort and typical of what we would expect from a police state. Get out and help yourselves! At least show some effort!

We also have reports of the UN sending “Observers” to observe our US elections, looking for civil rights violations.  So far, two states (TX and OH) have told those observers they will be arrested if they come within the limits of the polls. Good for them! The last thing we need to do is turn over our elections to the UN. 


I am still in hopes that this election is a landslide for Romney. While he isn’t my first choice for a President, I am still pulling for his election and will keep him under fire if he is elected to make sure he holds steady to his election promises.