The Black Caucus Money Trail

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Corruption by the dollar
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Wonder how it is that Politicians get rich when they get elected?

I found this today and thought it was interesting to see where the money for the Black Caucus comes from. More importantly, it is not so much where it comes from but where it goes. Surprisingly, only a small portion of the money they take in (strong-arm intimidation?) actually goers to campaign funds. The rest is spent on lavish vacations, meetings, and a huge chunk goes toward further fund-raising. The money isn’t donated directly to the politicians or their campaign funds, but rather goes into dummy corporations (most are non-profit). These non-profits have the black caucus politicians sitting on the board, so they get paid directly from those organizations for being board members. Of course items such as travel and expenses for all of those meetings at vacation resorts all over the world are deducted as costs of doing business, so they are not even registered as perks of being a politician.

Can we say corruption boys and girls?

Anyway, here is the link to the article at the new york times that got all of this going:


Sadly, it appears that this is all legitimate and above board. While this story is about the black caucus, one only has to assume that every elected official is using this type of scheme to get rich by taking money from companies that they regulate. I fail to understand how this is not vote buying and corruption. Perhaps one of you can explain it to me in a way we can all understand?


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