Here is a response to a post on one of the Environmental blog sites, this time by the EIA, trying to explain away the recent raid on Gibson Guitars. Their claim starts out sounding like they really have “the goods” on Gibson, and then they get caught up in their own rhetoric to the point that they make no point. I should have suspected that the EIA was behind this move in the first place.

Anyway, here is my response that I posted on their site in response to this link:


Keep in mind here that the EIA is in no way affiliated with the Federal Government. They are an Environmental group, 
much like Greenpeace and their ILK, that travels the world in search of ways to stop people from cutting down trees. 
These people are the true "Tree Huggers" of the world whose agenda far outreaches the US Government's already outrageous 
agenda on Environmental issues.

What I fail to see is how (or why) our government is putting so much emphasis into a group of individuals with such a 
wild agenda that they would shut down an American Icon of a company and confiscate their supplies and products with this 
flimsy of a reason. The fact that the raid was committed by the Fish and Wildlife Service is another strange turn of events.

Let's for a minute here play devil's advocate and say that Gibson was, in fact,  "Smuggling" woods that were illegal on the 
International Market. Would it not make sense that there would be a paper trail that would be evidence enough to prove the 
case and the confiscation of the wood not even necessary? What does the US Government plan to do with the wood?? 
Destroy it?  Yeah, that makes sense...

This whole thing is nothing more than the Obama Administration being controlled by Environmental extremists groups , Union 
thugs, Muslim Brotherhood,  and armed federal agencies with an agenda that is not in line with the will of the American 

Hopefully this will get corrected in the next election and when it does there will be law suits filed and won against
these extremist groups that have destroyed America.
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