Don’t get real comfortable there Pilgrim

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Odds And Ends
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Comfort zones…

Thinking back over my lifetime, I can think of several places where I had achieved my goal… My dream. Life was good. For a moment. Things change and life goes on. It is an ever changing sea of new experiences and adaptations that makes us who we are.

I woke up this morning and began doing my daily routine of checking all of my electronic information sources (after getting a cup of coffee), and one of the first E-mail messages was about a friend losing his job. I sort of had a premonition about this since he was brought into the organization by another friend who was also sent away on a different life path a few weeks ago. I was not real happy about that decision, but being a man and knowing that things change, I was able to pray and accept that decision as a needed change for the better. Seeing the news this morning that my other friend and life guide had also come to face the same parting of ways is hard to accept.

Is this a personal thing? Maybe. It may be the end for my involvement in the organization as well, but as of right now I can only assume that this new tide of change will also swallow me up at some point and force me to make changes in my life as well. I am new to the organization, and was brought in by these two who have been forced to part ways. I am not dependent on this position for my livelihood, so it is not a life or death situation. My friends did depend on it to feed their families, so it has a far greater impact. All I can do is express my condolences and offer to help. I have already offered to be there if needed, for whatever that need may be.  I wish I could do more.

On a personal note, in my past life it has been these sudden changes in my life, either through employment changes or from other changes like the birth of a child or the death of a family member, that I have grown as a Man. Learning to accept the change and to actually look forward to the new things that change will bring has been the one steadfast point of light that keeps me going. Other people don’t take life changes so well, some through depression or some through other forms of self inflicted agony. I have learned to accept change for what it is and to look for ways to better my position through drastic changes of my own or through slight changes in my own status. There is no reason to let the life changes of others drag you down no matter how sad you may feel. In the end, it may be the better thing for them as well even though the storm of life isn’t easy to accept.

No matter what happens to me personally, I will be fine and can accept this. I pray for God’s blessings for my friends David and Aron and their families too.


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