The Gay Agenda

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Odds And Ends
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It is amazing how many companies and organizations are bending to the pressure of the gay movement these days.

What is no surprise is that the Gay Agenda is using ploys from the A.C.O.R.N. playbook on how to organize the community and blackmale  Urge companies into compliance with their agenda. These days, the threat of litigation on numerous counts or boycott can wreak havoc on a company’s bottom line, and sometimes it is just plain cheaper to pay the blackmail price than to fight it. I am not sure if this is the case with AARP or Home Depot, but both companies are now full-blown promoting the LGBT agenda.

If you don’t already know, let’s explain LGBT:

  • L= Lesbian – I am not sure why they feel the need to separate themselves from other homosexuals, but the only difference is that they are female homosexuals.
  • G=Gay – This is the new “politically correct” way to say a male homosexual. Someone who is a Sodomizer, or has sex with another individual of the same sex by putting their penis into the anus of the other individual.
  • B= Bi-sexual – These are the ones that claim to “love everybody” but in fact their sexual perversions are so great that they will take it from either sex, or both sexes at the same time.
  • T=transgender – These are the people who can’t figure out who they are, so they try to convey that they are  the sex of the other gender. Cross dressers, perverts, confused individuals.

Home depot has been caught up in this agenda. Here is a link that will further explain how . If you are shopping at the Home depot, you are supporting an organization that believes in indoctrinating children into the Homosexual lifestyle.

Bank of America is another company that is showing signs of falling prey to the Gay agenda.

The latest organization that I have heard about is AARP.  They now have a full section of their website completely devoted to the LGBT lifestyle. If you belong to this organization, you are funding the LGBT lifestyle as well as funding lobbyist  who directly influenced the Obamcare debacle.

Apparently I am not the only one who is paying attention to this problem, as others are starting to call this the “Gaystapo.” Take a look at this site and it’s explanation of how the Gay leaders are demanding more and more of our businesses and government.


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