More Tracking of the Environmental Money Trail

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Environmentalism, Uncategorized
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Today I began doing some more digging into where the money comes from for these environmental groups that are causing so much grief for the rest of us. When I say grief, I mean these laws, regulations, and law suits that seem to be around every corner of life these days.

More and more, I am finding that the Federal Government is the source for BILLIONS of these dollars that are spent each year, in the way of grants. If you haven’t ever gone there to take a look, please spend some time and go to  and have a look around at all the money that our Federal Government is trying to give away. When you hear about stories where drunk monkey masturbation techniques are being studied under a grant from the Feds, this is where it all happens. There is enough money up for grabs at the moment to put most of the nation’s unemployed back to work,  at least temporarily. Billions!

Use the search word of “Environment” to begin with and when you are overwhelmed with page after page of grants available, then try adding to that word for a more precise picture on how much our government gives away each day. What may also surprise you is to see money being given away for other projects in Peru, Africa, and Kazakstan. Why are we giving away billions of our tax dollars for these projects?

Greenpeace, in it’s own web site,  says it has 2.9 million people who gave funds last year. This is just one of many Environmental organizations who is based outside of our country (Greenpeace is based in Amsterdam), but they are causing regulations and laws as well as law suits here in the USA with reckless abandon for the National Economy and our way of life. Here is a link to their financials. 





















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