I grew up in the 60’s, and it was an age when people protested and did “sit-in’s” on a regular basis. Heck, the end of the Viet Nam war came mainly because of protesters. Woodstock was a music festival caped in anti-war protests. I am no stranger to protesting and I will protest for a good cause any day of the week. I will even get arrested, if that is what it takes, to prove my point.

Now enter the current protest on Wall Street (and many other streets across the Nation.

I have watched with great interest of these people will get their act together and have a firm goal for their protests. So far, I really havent seen anybody come up with a good reason for the protest, other than they are mad. For whatever reason, they think it is “corporations” that are causing their sufferings, but in reality… is it really?

I will give you the fact that Banks have taken advantage of the “system.”  Banks are one of my companies that I truly do not like. Any time someone controls my money, I am immediately not in complete trust of them. Banks are also in bed with the government. If you don’t think so, try making a mistake on your tax return and see how quickly the bank complies with confiscating your money on the government’s behalf!

Here is what just doesn’t make sense:

Our government (Democrats and Republicans with a few Independents thrown in) has put us into over 14 trillion dollars worth of National Debt. That is money we have borrowed from countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.  They have spent money studying the masturbation techniques of drunk monkeys, taught chinese whores how to drink responsibly, and presently are trying to give away money to do other studies in African nations (www.grants.gov) as well as funding “green” initiatives and companies to end a global warming problem that doesn’t exist.

The Federal Government has “Bailed out” banks, car companies, and just plain given away money to everything and everybody you can think of. Does it make sense that we borrow money from China so that we can give it away to Pakistan? How about giving billions of dollars each year to the Palestinians so they wont  suicide bomb the Israelis? Keep in mind that we are paying interest on this money we are borrowing.

I would be willing to bet that every one of these protesters would tell you that Steve Jobs was a miracle man, having given us things like the Iphone, the Ipod, Apple COmputers, and Ipads, and an operating system that pretty much is bullet proof to viruses and worms. He started in his garage and borrowed and begged for enough money to start the company. He died today as one of the richest men in the world. He should be! He was a genius, gave his life to make things that people wanted to buy, and made the world a better place to live.  Wall street is full of companies (corporations) that began like Apple and Steve Jobs. Wall street is full of corporations like Microsoft, who is another garage guy that discovered and made the DOS operating system and WIndows. I could go on and on, but this is Wall Street.

Wall street is a place to trade stocks and bonds in an effort to improve your financial worth. A worth of people like me, my parents, and most Americans who can save a few dollars. Even Americans that are covered in retirement plans are a part of Wall Street. Most retirement funds invest their money on Wall Street, in hopes that they will be able to give you a better retirement when it comes time for you to retire. The largest chunk of money in the world is retirement funds.

Corporations are formed to try to protect the investors and operators of the business from frivolous law suits. By creating the corporation, it gives some measure of protection to the board of directors and the people that run the company for being held personally liable for any suits that may come against the company. Are there people who use this to skirt the laws to scam people? Of course there are! Those people usually don’t stay in business long though. All in all, corporations are people, just like you and I. People have invested their money in the company in hopes that they will produce products and services that others will want and pay for, so much so that overall the company is able to pay its expenses and then pay those that invested their hard-earned money a little interest on their investment.

Some corporations are really hits and make more money for their investors than is imaginable. Most of the time, the guy that started the business and had the dream retains a good share of the business, so his net worth goes up. Much like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These guys get filthy rich. well, filthy is a verb that doesn’t really fit, but these guys get richer than is imaginable. Is that a reason we should hate them and protest their success? I think not.

Other companies just struggle for each bit of growth they can eek out. Along the line, they are fortunate enough to buy other companies and corporations, and their net worth grows accordingly. They are a reliable company that sells products and services that people want.  They consistently pay out dividends to their investors but their overall net worth doesn’t really grow. It is the steady income that the investors (people like you and I and our retirement savings) really like.

Again, I don’t get why these people are protesting corporations on Wall Street. If a company breaks the law or doesn’t abide in a responsible way, then by all means boycott them or protest them, but to protest ALL companies?

So I have to ask, why are these people protesting Wall Street? It makes no sense. From what I can gather, even they don’t  know why they are there.  Shouldn’t they be protesting the Government’s inept squandering of taxpayer money, outrageous borrowing from communist countries, and just plain creating havoc on our jobs by creating rules and regulations that are sending our jobs overseas?

Welcome to the Tea Party Movement!


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