Almost all people assume that computers are being made in China because of the low labor rates manufacturers have to pay. This may be a valid point, but is not the whole reason.

Back during the days of the cold war, our Congress made laws to protect secrets of the Country such as high technology items like electronic calculators and computers from being sold outside of the country in an effort to keep our “enemies” from getting the technology and using that technology against us. While this was well-intentioned, it did not work. In an effort to get around the law, manufacturers simply moved manufacturing to Asia (read China here) so that no laws would be broken. The think tanks that created all of these neat gadgets we use on a daily basis is right here in the USA while they are made in China, who really doesn’t care who has the technology. Heck, they are even using it against us now in guidance systems for their nuclear missiles and such.. the very thing that we thought they would do.

One other reason these manufacturers moved out of the USA was to deal with the constant litigation of environmentalists, who claimed the soldering process was causing environmental problems and cancer in the workers. Soldering uses a mixture of tin and lead to weld the tiny circuits of the electronic boards used in most of the electronic gadgets we have today. China really doesn’t care about environmental issues, nor do they give a hoot about workers with cancer, if either of these were real issues in the first place.

You can bet that Asia will be the electronics manufacturing capital of the world for the foreseeable future. These jobs have gone forever and will not return. As long as we have the mentality that the environmentalists are always right and we allow them to litigate companies to death, you can bet that this steady stream of jobs moving out of the USA will continue.  I don’t think that today they are actually moving, they are just plainly created in China and time and money is not wasted by even taking the chance to build here in the USA.


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