The difference between people of the North and the South

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here we are, one week out from the biggest election of the century, and we have a HUGE hurricane that has wreaked havoc in the northeast.

Immediately, on the morning after the storm hit the Northeast, Romney suspends his campaigning and starts to hold food drives for the people that need help while Obama is all talk, telling the people he will break the Government if necessary, to provide them help.

We have reports of the people of the South getting out of their homes and helping each other recover from the storm, providing shelter and meals to those who cannot help themselves.

While in the North we see that people are too lazy to walk across a bridge to get to work or even to go to the other side of town to take a bath and get food. In NJ the Police have blocked off sections of towns, not even allowing those who had evacuated to return to their homes, telling them they are protecting them. I say this is a Nanny state effort and typical of what we would expect from a police state. Get out and help yourselves! At least show some effort!

We also have reports of the UN sending “Observers” to observe our US elections, looking for civil rights violations.  So far, two states (TX and OH) have told those observers they will be arrested if they come within the limits of the polls. Good for them! The last thing we need to do is turn over our elections to the UN. 


I am still in hopes that this election is a landslide for Romney. While he isn’t my first choice for a President, I am still pulling for his election and will keep him under fire if he is elected to make sure he holds steady to his election promises. 

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