The state of the world, 11-19-2012

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Time after time I see where some of the Arab world actually gets to experience the good, moral conduct of the people of Israel. Finding themselves in an Israeli hospital after being hit by rockets that were launched by other Arabs, and getting all of the best care the world has to offer, sometimes even getting that care ahead of IDF soldiers. You never see this kind of thing on the news, not even FOX news. It is only when the people themselves get enough courage to stand up and compose it in their own words that you ever get to see these things. Even then, you have to search for them.

There never has been any state or region that has been known as “Pallestine.” Yet, the news agencies continue to report that Israel is doing horrendous things to the people of Pallestine. I mean, they send targeted bombs into Gaza and take out launch sites for those who are shooting rockets and missiles into Israel, and people get killed and injured!  WOW ! Go figure how that happens… those mean old Jews!  Really? REALLY? The truth is, I really don’t see how the Jewish people have been so patient for so long. Why have they not wiped these cancerous peoples off of the map decades ago? Are there not enough sane Arab people to put a stop to this insanity?

I have nothing against Arabs. They have a culture that is rich in history and they have the power to be world leaders in technology, especially in energy sources and new types of energy hungry products. They refuse education, especially for their females, and this is only leading them further down a spiral of poverty and hatred.

Obama is the POTUS for another 4 years. I find it strange that California, and most of new england put him back in office. Of course you have south Florida who joined up to put him over the edge and into victory lane. Corruption is rampant and it is only the states that do not have voter ID laws that voted for Obama… go figure. I have now stocked up on food and weapons in what I hope is enough of quantities to help my family survive the breakdown of society that is surely coming. We are now on the fiscal cliff for our economy and already food prices are shooting up. Major corporations are laying off more and more employees and some just choose to close their plants forever rather than continue to suffer from all of the regulations. The EPA already has a long list of more and more stringent environmental standards to impose on society, and factories overseas are cheering them on as they watch the USA commit suicide. A slow, deliberate suicide.

Most of the original Southern states have petitioned the POTUS to secede from the Union. I don’t think any of the South or the heartland of America is happy with the direction our Country is headed, yet we seem to be powerless to change it. There will be a straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back that will trigger a revolution of change, but as of right now I am unsure of what that straw is. People seem complacent in accepting tyranny and Communism as the normal for the day, even welcoming Socialism as though it was something new that will somehow cleanse our sins and make us a whole, moral country again. <SIGH>

I see that my comments are read, which makes me a little happy. I hope those that are reading somehow get something good out of my rants. I also see that it has drawn some gibberish replies from muslims and sheeple New Englanders. Those I will continue to delete as SPAM. 

I will continue to purchase more of the essential tools and food and prepare for the worst. I suggest that you do the same. We have already experienced a breakdown in morality. We have experienced a breakdown in education. We are experiencing a breakdown in the election process. we are on the verge of a breakdown of our economy. In the event of the breakdown of society, I plan on feeding and protecting my family as long as it takes. 

  1. W.Susan says:

    ~Happy New Year~ God Bless and thanks for all you do..Take care. ~Susan

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