Welcome to the world of a conservative Musician

Hello and welcome to my rants and raves on subjects ranging from music to Politics and everything in between.

Being a life long musician has had it’s rewards and it’s challenges too. Growing up in the heart of the south with a southern heritage that goes back way beyond the civil war years, I have a perspective on the issues of the day that may vary widely from what you are familiar with. It is my objective here to describe to you what I reason and more importantly WHY I think the way I do. Perhaps it will give some insight to your life and also help you deal with friends or family who are from the South.

I must say that at the moment I live in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee. This is the fourth southern state I have lived in, but I was born and raised in the NorthEast part of Florida. Yes, I do have the Southern accent and it is particularly strong. For those of you who are dialect majors, I have the Appalachian southern accent even though I was raised in an area that is generally thought to have more of the South Georgia accent. I fit right in here in Nashville since this is a pretty diverse area of the country with folks from all over the US living here. My accent really doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb here.

Enough about the small stuff. It is time to get down to the rants and raves of the day. I hope you enjoy the insight.

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