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Muslim Brotherhood in Murfreesboro.

Here is a link to actual PROOF that the Islamization of the “Belt Buckle of American Christianity” has begun. While most of America is  trying to cope with a terrible economy and loss of jobs, the Well funded Muslims are building Mega-Mosques right here in America and bringing in thousands of families of Muslim followers to begin the infiltration of our schools and local governments. Our President, Governor, and Elected Officials simply turn their collective backs as this process occurs right here in plain sight and without so much as lifting a finger to help stop it.


WIll someone please tell me which page, or Amendment, or even a paragraph of the COnstitution the term “Separation of Church and State” is on?

Let it be known that After AARP endorsed Obamacare, I asked for a refund on my membership and was granted that refund. Here is a picture of the letter I got from them to PROVE it !


During the Obamacare debates, there was discussion about why AARP would even come out to support such a proposal that would obviously end up limiting the care seniors get, or else rationing the care they get. After a lot of research, it was concluded that AARP was making millions of dollars off of endorsement of Insurance policies each year and they stand to make BILLIONS off of those endorsements when ObamaCare went into effect.

I’m sure each of you know this already though, right?? What you may not know is there is a Conservative alternative to AARP called   the Association of Mature American  Citizens  and they offer the same kinds of senior discounts as AARP but the big difference is they lobby for conservative ideals.  If you havent already ditched AARP, I highly suggest that you do and take on AMAC in it’s place.