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Almost all people assume that computers are being made in China because of the low labor rates manufacturers have to pay. This may be a valid point, but is not the whole reason.

Back during the days of the cold war, our Congress made laws to protect secrets of the Country such as high technology items like electronic calculators and computers from being sold outside of the country in an effort to keep our “enemies” from getting the technology and using that technology against us. While this was well-intentioned, it did not work. In an effort to get around the law, manufacturers simply moved manufacturing to Asia (read China here) so that no laws would be broken. The think tanks that created all of these neat gadgets we use on a daily basis is right here in the USA while they are made in China, who really doesn’t care who has the technology. Heck, they are even using it against us now in guidance systems for their nuclear missiles and such.. the very thing that we thought they would do.

One other reason these manufacturers moved out of the USA was to deal with the constant litigation of environmentalists, who claimed the soldering process was causing environmental problems and cancer in the workers. Soldering uses a mixture of tin and lead to weld the tiny circuits of the electronic boards used in most of the electronic gadgets we have today. China really doesn’t care about environmental issues, nor do they give a hoot about workers with cancer, if either of these were real issues in the first place.

You can bet that Asia will be the electronics manufacturing capital of the world for the foreseeable future. These jobs have gone forever and will not return. As long as we have the mentality that the environmentalists are always right and we allow them to litigate companies to death, you can bet that this steady stream of jobs moving out of the USA will continue.  I don’t think that today they are actually moving, they are just plainly created in China and time and money is not wasted by even taking the chance to build here in the USA.

Today brings another new post about Democratic fundraisers at $25,000 per ticket being brought on by none other than a guy who benefitted by the millions for his Missouri wind power farm. His company got a 107 Million dollar tax credit (can we say LOOPHOLE FOR THE RICH?)  We stand by and let this happen and for some reason this does not ring any bells  nor do any of the democrats cry out loud about corruption in government. More of our stimulus money being wasted for GREEN companies.  You can read the full story here

I wonder when we are going to finally admit that Environmentalism is a religion and treat it as such?

This week brings on a competition of college engineering students to try to make a house that is self-sufficient and completely energy grid free. GREAT idea! The problem is that our Federal government has given each team $100,000 for their efforts, and each team is reporting that their project cost over $500k but if we would just mass produce them, the price would probably drop to $300k. Nice… for a one room house. Can we say useless boys and girls? You can read this full story here

There are some Democratic congressmen throwing a party in South Carolina, if anybody is interested in joining in.  I guess they are celebrating all the millions of dollars that have been paid out to DEAD PEOPLE?? Maybe the DEAD PEOPLE ARE STILL VOTING?


Today I began doing some more digging into where the money comes from for these environmental groups that are causing so much grief for the rest of us. When I say grief, I mean these laws, regulations, and law suits that seem to be around every corner of life these days.

More and more, I am finding that the Federal Government is the source for BILLIONS of these dollars that are spent each year, in the way of grants. If you haven’t ever gone there to take a look, please spend some time and go to  and have a look around at all the money that our Federal Government is trying to give away. When you hear about stories where drunk monkey masturbation techniques are being studied under a grant from the Feds, this is where it all happens. There is enough money up for grabs at the moment to put most of the nation’s unemployed back to work,  at least temporarily. Billions!

Use the search word of “Environment” to begin with and when you are overwhelmed with page after page of grants available, then try adding to that word for a more precise picture on how much our government gives away each day. What may also surprise you is to see money being given away for other projects in Peru, Africa, and Kazakstan. Why are we giving away billions of our tax dollars for these projects?

Greenpeace, in it’s own web site,  says it has 2.9 million people who gave funds last year. This is just one of many Environmental organizations who is based outside of our country (Greenpeace is based in Amsterdam), but they are causing regulations and laws as well as law suits here in the USA with reckless abandon for the National Economy and our way of life. Here is a link to their financials. 




















It is always interesting to figure out where the support and money comes from for projects and organizations that affect our daily lives. Lately, I have found out about the EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency) and it’s cronies who are hell bent on forcing their views of global trade on us and using obscure laws and rules from all over the world to impact each of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Recently, the Gibson Guitar company, located in Tennessee, has come under fire from the Lacey Act and the Fish and Wildlife Commission. After some investigation on my own, I am starting to see where  the FWC has been “used” by this group of Environmentalists from the EIA.

First of all, here are the “Partners” of the EIA, who apparently operate on a very limited budget, but have contacts and friends within the US Federal Government. Those “friends” within the government will come later, but for now here is a list of the “friends” of EIA:

• American Forest & Paper Association• Amazon Watch • Center for international Environmental Law • Conservation international • Defenders of Wildlife • Dogwood Alliance• Environmental investigation Agency• ForestEthics • Friends of the Earth • Global Witness • Greenpeace • Hardwood Federation• international brotherhood • Society of American Foresters of Teamsters• national Wildlife Federation• natural Resources Defense Council• Rainforest Action network • Rainforest Alliance • Sierra Club• SustainableFurnitureCouncil • ThenatureConservancy • TropicalForestTrust • UnitedSteelworkers• WildlifeConservationSociety • World Wildlife Fund

Any time you are giving money to any of these organizations, you are in effect giving money to the EIA and you are almost always guaranteeing that you are promoting Organizations that are doing their best to end manufacturing in America and also throwing money into the pockets of Attorneys that came from taxpayer pockets (re: your pocket!). There is further information on who supports this organization and whhere they get their money at this address:


Keep in mind these organizations are the kind of  people who really don’t want you mowing your lawn, and when it boils down to it, they would rather that you didn’t even exist since you breathe carbon dioxide and you are the ones that cause global warming every time you breathe or break wind.  I am surprised to see several UNIONS that are supporters of this organization. Bet you didn’t know your union dues were going for this did you?

More recently, the EIA pressured the FWC to seize products from Gibson Guitars, using heavily armed agents to do so. Gibson has been in business for over 100 years here in the USA and employs over 1,200. They import rosewood and ebony from plantations in India, with the blessings of organizations such as Greenpeace and several other watchdogs in an effort to comply with existing laws and regulations. Having this happen after the hoops they jump through is outrageous to say the least. It also has all of the earmarks of being a political move since EVERY guitar manufacturer in the USA buys the same wood from the same dealers and imports it using the same paperwork as Gibson. If this is not proven to be a political farce in the end it will be a miracle.

For those that dint know, Gibson’s wood has not been confiscated because it is illegal to import, nor because it is endangered, nor for any other reason except that the EIA thinks it is against an obscure law in INDIA that limits the export of rosewood to products less than 3/16 of an inch if it is “unfinished” wood, which means it will be used to make other products when it gets to the importing country. In this case, that is the USA. Blanks for fingerboards for instruments such as guitars are generally 1/4 of an inch thick, which is 1/16 of an inch thicker than this obscure rule the EIA is claiming Gibson broke. On the other hand, it is completely legal to also ship out woods that are over 3/16 of an inch, but the import/export code is different. This different import code (or paperwork snafu, is why the FWC raided Gibson, and also why the EIA is claiming a victory. As of right now, there has been NO US LAWS BROKEN and because of this no charges have been filed against Gibson or any of it’s agents.  It is my understanding that the government of India is somewhat pissed about this as well, since the sale of the wood has had the blessings of their government all along. Hence, the stalemate and quagmire the Obama administration finds themselves in.



It isn’t easy being green… or is that a line from Kermit the Frog?


The truth is, Corruption is another word for Environmentalist. Today we learn of another high ranking Environmentalist that has pleaded guilty to skimming Federal funds (read here “Our Taxes”) in Tennessee.  This really doesn’t surprise me, as most of these Green schemes are just ways to “redistribute the wealth” while making uneducated individuals think they are saving the planet, keeping their children from having lung diseases, or otherwise helping the environment. If one spends just a little bit of time investigating, they will increasingly turn up stories like this one, where there is rampant corruption, or just outright lies in exchange for getting to put their hand into the back pocket of tax payers.

This particular guy worked hard to harass Tennessee’s “TVA” coal fired power plants, doing his best to make them look like the reason the world is ending. Officially, he has pleaded to guilty to money laundering and fraud. When it comes down to it, this group, as are most environmental groups, are just liars who are out to generate regulations that will curb the rest of us into their submission, or are just plain out to get our money.  You can get more info on this story at

Have I failed to mention that the Bush Administration has voted against giving this company any money?.. but then I suppose somehow they will find a way to spin this so it sounds like it is all Bush’s fault?

Of course there is going to be negative press when this kind of thing is exposed, but why not just create your own “news” agency, and then get google to recognize it as a legitimate news agency?

We still haven’t heard the latest news on Solyndra, but everything looks like it is pointing to a HUGE corruption plot by they Obama Administration. I ma wondering if it is proved that Obama is guilty of fraud and corruption, if it will ever come out into the sunlight since the investigation is being conducted by none other than Holder’s FBI. It is really bad when you get to the point that you cant even believe ANY of your government, but I am at that point. After the Gibson Guitar fiasco, I am finding anything that our administration has to say is most likely a lie and I look for the treal truth to be somewhere 180 degrees of what they are telling us.

Let’s not forget to hear the official words from OZONE AL, where he claims that going green will create jobs. You can catch his latest words here








Here is a response to a post on one of the Environmental blog sites, this time by the EIA, trying to explain away the recent raid on Gibson Guitars. Their claim starts out sounding like they really have “the goods” on Gibson, and then they get caught up in their own rhetoric to the point that they make no point. I should have suspected that the EIA was behind this move in the first place.

Anyway, here is my response that I posted on their site in response to this link:


Keep in mind here that the EIA is in no way affiliated with the Federal Government. They are an Environmental group, 
much like Greenpeace and their ILK, that travels the world in search of ways to stop people from cutting down trees. 
These people are the true "Tree Huggers" of the world whose agenda far outreaches the US Government's already outrageous 
agenda on Environmental issues.

What I fail to see is how (or why) our government is putting so much emphasis into a group of individuals with such a 
wild agenda that they would shut down an American Icon of a company and confiscate their supplies and products with this 
flimsy of a reason. The fact that the raid was committed by the Fish and Wildlife Service is another strange turn of events.

Let's for a minute here play devil's advocate and say that Gibson was, in fact,  "Smuggling" woods that were illegal on the 
International Market. Would it not make sense that there would be a paper trail that would be evidence enough to prove the 
case and the confiscation of the wood not even necessary? What does the US Government plan to do with the wood?? 
Destroy it?  Yeah, that makes sense...

This whole thing is nothing more than the Obama Administration being controlled by Environmental extremists groups , Union 
thugs, Muslim Brotherhood,  and armed federal agencies with an agenda that is not in line with the will of the American 

Hopefully this will get corrected in the next election and when it does there will be law suits filed and won against
these extremist groups that have destroyed America.

This article from the financial times magazine is a press release from CERN on global warming and it’s cause. Keep in mind that CERN is the organization that AlGore and his cronies harped about so often as the supreme guru’s of global warming (or Climate Change or what ever the current words to describe it is). It appears that after lengthy research they have discovered that solar radiation and solar events change the earth more than man could ever hope to do. It is sad that even with mounting evidence debunking the global warming screamers, they still refuse to admit they were wrong. Wonder if it is because they have so heavily invested their money into carbon schemes?

Here is the full story.

I found this post on WordPress today and it summarizes a lot of my thoughts on Environmentalism. It was worth reblogging on my blog and I hope you get as much out of it as I did. A HUGE thanks to the author, Barry Creamer.

A Truth about Green *Posted by Barry Creamer I was raised as a young child in Crane, Texas, about 30 miles south of Odessa. Both towns are in the Permian Basin, home to one of the richest oil resources in the world. In other words, I grew up in the desert around pump-jacks and refineries. Recently, I was invited to preach at a church in Odessa, which also offered me an opportunity to visit my nearby childhood home of Crane. In preparation for that visit, I pulled up … Read More

via For Christ and Culture

Growing up in the 60’s, I was exposed to a lot of world changing events. Of them were some of the roots of the rock and roll music, fast “Muscle” cars, new math ( you are too young if you have no idea what that is), Long hair on boys and men, free love, hippies, Woodstock, the Viet Nam war, Watergate, Nixon resigning from the presidency,  men walking on the moon, sputnik, the Cuban Missile Crisis,  a presidential assassination, and lastly the environmental movement. I remember the 6 day war between Egypt and Israel. I remember the Shah of Iran coming to power. Countries have changed their names in my lifetime.

Most of those events were things that changed the world forever and I was there to see it all first hand. I learned to sing all of the Beatles songs word for word, experienced the British invasion, watched the television every day to see the news on the Viet Nam war.  In the 6th grade I was urged to have my parents and neighbors move their mailboxes from the curb to the front door so the mailman could then walk to deliver mail rather than drive his mail jeep. What I didn’t realize is that this move was an environmental issue that was quietly just coming into view on the world of events. The music of the day urged such things as free love (That means sex with who ever you want with no strings attached), and peace and love and protecting the environment. Being a teenager at the time, I was all for the free love thing, just never found a girl that was as accepting to the idea as I was.  Peace I could go for as well because I was rapidly growing old enough to register for the selective service and I had a brother that was already in Viet Nam.

Now comes the Environmental Movement:

I had been exposed to little snippets of this movement on television on a daily basis, mostly with stories on the news about the smog problem in Los Angeles California. I remember seeing live video of the city where the visibility was less than a mile and the air in the valley actually looked brown due to all of the pollutants in the air. I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t want to breathe clean air and this problem definitely needed attention and a solution. Enough people complained and before long they had figured out how to solve this problem.  The air was once again clear and the controls put in place definitely enabled the people of Los Angeles to breathe clean air again. All of this was because of the Clean Air Act of 1970, a law that was actually passed by the congress, signed by the president, and put into law.

Believe it or not, the man that led the charge  was none other than Richard Nixon, the same man that resigned from office for his involvement in the Watergate break in and cover up. Nixon, with the stroke of a pen, created an executive order that created the Environmental Protection Agency. Yippeee!! A government agency that could oversee all of the bad things people were emitting into the air and dumping into our water and dumping into landfills that would cause sickness and health issues for decades. Other than a few industries that had to modify their equipment to handle the new regulations, few others had any complaints with this new agency and its edicts. There were even a few companies that were dumping hazardous chemicals in places that eventually became housing projects, and caused lifetime illnesses of children. These companies were caught and exposed and fined and/or put out of business for their reckless disregard for the common health and well being of the citizens of the surrounding communities. Again, this was all good things and someone really did need to oversee such things so that we could all live without fear of the air and water killing us.


As with most everything else, any agency, government, or person that is awarded power without limits ultimately becomes too powerful and fails to respond to the people they govern. The EPA is an agency that has operated since 1972 with very little oversight from elected officials, and no accountability to the people they are supposed to be “protecting.” Because of this lack of controls and a very wide interpretation of the laws, they have issued edict after edict that has slowly and surely choked off economic progress and effectively ran manufacturing businesses out of the country and into third world countries where little, if any, controls or regulations exist. A lot of people lost their jobs because of this excessive regulation, including a lot of my friends and family.

As a side note, the same RICHARD NIXON  is the same one who normalized relations with Communist China, which opened up free trade with them. I lost my high paying industrial job because of this move, along with 500 of my neighbors. We were in the business to manufacture synthetic Menthol, which is used for everything from ointments for aches and pains, mouthwashes, chewing gums, and cigarette enhancement. We were one of the 2 companies in the world that manufactured Menthol and it was a lucrative business. When relations with China were naturalized, they flooded the market with Natural menthols and used some of the money we gave them to build refining plants that made it possible for them to make all types of menthol. This ended our business in the synthetic markets.

In the mean time ( the early 70’s) the EPA began doing studies on how they could further control other businesses, by controlling their waste products and emissions. They also began controlling the auto industries by providing edicts and rules that governed emissions of automobiles and light trucks.

Somewhere along the line, the Environmental Investigation Agency (a non-governmental Agency) came into being and began taking their view of the world and its pollution at hand and strong armed other countries to pass laws and rules that would make manufacturing in other countries harder and harder. They even branched out into issues such as whale hunting, tree harvesting, and wildlife issues. It is unclear who it is that funds this “agency.” For all we know, they get their funding from a Communist nation, a muslim arab nation, or from doing strong armed robbery by bullying smaller countries into submission as a thug working for the mafia would do.

All of this is good (to an extent) except that it allowed an agency that has people running it and creating “laws” and “rules” without being voted on by the people. This goes against our constitution. but somehow they have managed to stay in power and they keep creating more and more restrictive rules and interpretations of the clean air act that manages to choke off a few more manufacturers every year, effectively running them either out of business all together or running them out of the country to rebuild in some third world country that doesn’t care about pollution issues.

In any way you can explain this, it comes down to regulation without representation, or communism. 

They have become so powerful, on a global basis, that even our elected officials are scared of going against them. Of course, when threatened, they begin the cry about causing babies to have lung diseases and unclean drinking water which will cause the demise of all of us. It is not those issues that most people are pissed about, it is the micro-regulation of ALL industries without due representation and a say so in the economic impact of the regulations that has caused the rub.

Effectively, we have allowed this group of individuals to run rampant through our every day lives, creating rules and laws at will, all in the name of protecting mother earth. It is their presentation that we should all live lives that are self sufficient, and not to create any wastes at all. Nice dream, but this takes the world a few BIG steps backwards, and is not forward looking at all. They certainly have reckless abandon as far as the needs of the day in manufacturing. They have effectively brought our national economy to it’s knees single handedly. 

More recently we see where Gibson Guitars has come under scrutiny (twice since 2009) from environmentalists who have used armed federal agents to invade their manufacturing plants and seize woods the government claimed was obtained illegally. There has been NO charges brought against Gibson since the first raid in 2009, and so far the explanation of the confiscation of millions of dollars worth of wood and other items has only gone with vague references to some Indian (read INDIA Indians, not American Natives) law that MAY have been violated. This is using a mighty wide brush to come up with a reason and is the first time an american company has had products seized because of a law in another country. Again, this is a cult that is out of control, is doing their best to put an end ot American Manufacturing, and is using our Government;s armed agents and forces to strong arm their policies against the American People. In any other country this power grab  would be viewed as a coup but for some reason the American people are going along with it either through ignorance, or apathy. I am not sure which one of these reasons explain the lack of will to do something about it. Perhaps the EPA ad the Federal Government has the people afraid to go against them? Intimidation? The federal government works for “We the People,” not the other way around.

 It is my opinion that we have a government agency that is out of control, is infiltrated by the communist party, and needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. Their rules and edicts and laws need to be rescinded back to at least 1980 standards in order to even begin to lure soe of the manufacturers back into the USA so that our people can go to work. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want polluted air or water and I realize that some regulations are needed to protect us all from hazards. I also don’t want regulations and rules being created by people that I  don’t get to vote for and whose agenda I don’t agree with.

It is past time to put an end to the EPA and their cronies the EIA.