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I have always had a pretty high esteem for the American Lung Association, especially for their efforts to educate people on the dangers of smoking. I didn’t always believe all they were telling about smoking, but I had to tell myself that they were doing their best to help those that smoke to quit for their overall health.

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the political arena about coal power plants. Our current administration wants to put them all out of business and really doesn’t care how much it costs anyone because of it. On the Fox News Channel lately there has been a commercial which claims there is a direct link between coal-fired power plants and infant asthma. I could not believe this to be true, so I began researching the science on this. The latest INDEPENDENT study I could find was done in 1993 (when there was much less regulation on coal-fired plants) and there was, in some cases but not all, a slight difference between some of the control communities who lived neat coal power plants and those that are not anywhere near one. Read here a 1% difference, and not all communities had even this 1% difference. You have to do some reading here because this study was done to try to see if there was really a link between open coal mining and childhood asthma (as previously claimed by the lung association. This was proven to be false in 2001 in this study.¬†If you are into reading scientific data charts and want to see it for yourself, then you can try THIS LINK

The bottom line here is that the American Lung Association has fallen prey to the Environmentalist Religion and their most recent television commercial is just not 100% completely true. Shame on this group for allowing their reputation to be tarnished by these Environmental Marxists!

Nobody, including myself, wants to breathe dirty air or drink dirty water, but there has to be a balance between the overall good of the United States and the good of the individual. There are areas of our country that have cleaner air than others, and anyone is free to move there. There are also areas of our country that are better for other lung problems, such as a dry climate or a humid climate, and anyone is free to move there too. Should we all suffer because aunt Sally lives in South Florida but needs a Dry Climate for her Asthma? I think not. Aunt Sally can move to Arizona where she will be nice and warm and also have all of the dry air she can breathe. If these organizations such as the Lung Association are going to challenge the way of life for ALL of us, then they better make sure they are using bullet proof data to base their conclusions on. They better make sure they have given due diligence to the economic effects of the changes they are proposing in order to win the hearts and minds of the people. After all, WE THE PEOPLE still rule this Country! (Not the Environmentalists)