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If you havent heard these guys yet, it is definitely worth the time to listen. Feedback revival is a mixture of old and new rock themes with a twang of good old delta blues thrown in that make them a surefire winner in the “Southern Rock” genre.

I know these guys personally and not only are they excellent musicians, they are SUPER guys too. I have a feeling these guys will be mainstream ROCK very very soon. From right here in Nashville

Feedback Revival

WHAT? With unemployment at 9.1% here in the USA, Gibson Guitars is one of the companies that is actually HIRING people because of their strong brand on the global market. The quality of a Gibson Guitar is unsurpassed and musicians world-wide know and understand that quality and are willing to pay for it.

Now, after the second raid by armed federal agents, Gibson’s President is being told (IN WRITING) that his problems with the DOJ will end if he ships jobs to Madagascar (an AFRICAN nation). I am almost at the point where I am speechless!

Another case of Government Corruption at its highest level.


Here is a link to the story