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Has it occurred to anyone that  we may have been lied to about the death of OBL? 

Here is why I ask the question:

First of all, this supposedly happened in Pakistan, within a mile of one of their army bases, yet this all went undetected by them. We were told this was performed by Navy Seals, and then every one of those seals were killed in a helicopter that was shot down in Afghanistan a couple of weeks later.  Has it occurred to anyone to ask why Navy Seals were even in Afghanistan in the first place?

Then we get as far as taking OBL’s body out to an aircraft carrier in the middle of niwhere in the ocean. Of course, this is the most wanted man in the world and he is now dead, and yet of the entire fleet of navy and marines that were on board this vessel (over 5,000 of them), NOT ONE of them can say he saw OBL’s body, and only a couple of them saw his burial at sea. Doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd that we wouldn’t have gathered the whole fleet of destroyers, tenders, supply ships, and every man on this aircraft carrier to witness such a historic occasion?

Wheat about OBL’s wife, whim we supposedly captured in this raid? Has anyone actually talked to her about it? Again, a strange situation.

Any pictures, video’s, DNA reports, or other hard evidence that anyone was actually killed in Pakistan? Of corse we do have a picture of a left behind and classified helicopter tail rotor that was handed over to the Chinese. But really, was this actually in Pakistan? How convenient that the guy who supposedly gave us the information to find OBL was captured and killed by the Pakistan government. No way to question this guy to prove or disprove the whole thing was true or just another lie by the government.

Then there is a pesky FOX News report, dated in 2001, which claimed OBL died of a lung infection and was buried in the hills of Pakistan in mid 2001.  We were told before the Afghanistan war began that OBL had a kidney problem and had to get dialysis treatments or he would die from this. Hardly ever heard another peep about this, though. What ever became of that ?

It is also strange that Admirals and Army Generals who would have been over such a raid have now been removed from command over an incident in Banghazi where American Diplomats and those that chose to come to their aid were killed in a gun running scheme where our government was supplying arms to Syrian rebels. This is the same high ranking military who would have also been involved in the plot to kill OBL in Pakistan (if there had really been such a thing).

Again, have we been lied to?


Here we are in the final stretch of the 2012 Presidential campaign. The pollsters would have us believe that Obama will be the hands down winner but I just don’t see that happening. First of all, the Democratic party has alienated the Christians all together, and even have alienated the Black evangelicals. The party has taken on an anti-God shroud as well as a pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality stand and finally has become the whipping boy for every environmental extremist organization in existence.

As I am typing this, I am multi-tasking and watching a television show that is explaining to me why none of the events and facts matter any more. To a certain extent, I believe that. I have been made aware of the fact that MOST people just don’t care about politics at all, and avoid discussing it and look at all politicians as having no impact, positive or negative, on their lives. Sadly, I know deep down that what they are telling me is 100% correct and most people just plain don’t care until it all comes crashing down on top of them. Having seen their friends and neighbors lose it all over the last four years has really meant nothing because it didn’t really affect them at all on a personal level. Someone will have to shoot them, burn down their home, or barricade their neighborhood with flaming cars and garbage before they will start to pay attention.

Of course I understand there is a large percentage of America that cares more about their favorite pop star or movie star than they do about the National Security of the country. Most of them have only a vague idea of what national security actually consists of, and the cat-and-mouse and Chess moves diplomacy that goes on as a daily event in a world they are totally disconnected from. The only time they are in the least bit concerned is when another country attacks us, as happened on 9-11-2001.  Even with this open aggression and attack on our country, the people of New York are once again strongly anti-defense and politically are supporting the candidates that favor the religion and countries where the attackers that killed 3,000+ of their family and friends in a brutal attack in their own back yard. Personally, I can’t see how they make sense of this except to just know that their opinions are based on what they are being told, and they are being fed lies and deceit from a press that is for the most part communistic in their views.

I found myself getting all worked up about the elections and doing my best to educate my friends and family on the issues of the day until one day I made some dismal observations: Most people, including most republicans, couldn’t tell you who the speakers of the house and senate are, and even fewer of those could tell who the minority whips of each house were. A few could tell you who the senators for their state are, and maybe even a few of them could tell you who the house members are that represent them in Washington. There is a large population of the country that doesn’t know that Osama Bin Laden was killed and even if you tell them they couldn’t tell you who was in power when that happened.

I keep seeing polls where women base their vote for President on which one is the sexiest looking one, or the one they would most like to have sex with. REALLY?? I mean REALLY????  Blacks will vote for the black man, even if he is making laws that directly hurt black people.  People vote strictly based on the party the candidate is affiliated with.  They vote for the guy that has the most money donated to him to run television ads and buy yard signs, yet they spend their entire lives complaining about corporations buying politicians. People who are getting their government checks every month will vote for which ever party  says it will continue the dole.  I would vote to not allow anyone who gets a government check the right to vote, just to end any chances of corruption, but I doubt this will ever happen.

Speaking of complaining, I hear it all the time how people complain about the economy and the high prices they are paying for goods and services. In reality, the true price of goods and services changes very little. The value of the money they are using makes wild swings. When the Federal Reserve is printing more money than it takes to replace worn currency and releasing it into the economic stream, the value of EVERY dollar out there in existence goes down. People get raises and think they are getting ahead, but in reality they are only keeping up with this artificial inflation  and devaluation of the currency they are using. Our currency, the Dollar, is only worth a fraction of what it was worth when I was born. The value of the dollar goes down every day, and now that the Federal Reserve is printing money to make up for our out of control Federal Spending, the pace of  devaluation is only going to increase.

I know. This is a lot of rambling about unrelated items. But are they really unrelated? I say they are as joined at the hip as my thigh is to my abdomen. I really hope and pray that Romney wins this presidential election, but even if he does it is going to take constant pressure from people who really care to force the government back into a position of providing for the common defense of our Nation and then for providing a limited amount of laws that affect the daily lives of the people it represents in order to keep peace within the nation.

Ok. today is the day it starts. We have before us a new team of men who proclaim honesty in Government and it is up to us to decide of we want to continue down the path the country is going.

As far as I am concerned, I will choose the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Neither of these guys are my first choice for any place in the government, and I really believe that Paul Ryan would be best as a senator. I truly feel that Romney is an establishment Republican, and I have lost faith that the GOP establishment has the country’s best interests at heart. I was particularly disillusioned by the statement that “It is Romney’s turn.”  The reasoning that we need to vote for a candidate “That can Win” is utterly absurd.

If you read more of my comments on the election process, you will find my distaste for the current primary process. I really feel like the candidates were chosen for us by people who are not even a part of the republican party. The only way to solve this is to have closed primaries that can only be voted on by people who have registered as a particular party member. Otherwise, you have most of the other party voting for a candidate that is “Least Likely to Succeed” when the general election occurs. A prime example of this was the McCain/Palin ticket.  While Palin would have been a good choice, it is quite obvious that McCain was a candidate with a few screws loose. Some of his comments he has made int he last 3 years make me cringe with their inaccuracy and his complete lack of grasp of what the American people really want in Government.

Here is another scenario:

For the sake of a good argument, let’s say that Romney win’s the election and becomes the President. Four years from now, we will have a Democratic challenger. What is to stop Republicans from voting in ALL of the Democratic primaries and putting into place a Democratic candidate that is a STRONG Tea Party candidate?  I consider myself to be more aligned with the GOP, but that tie that was once really strong is very weak at the moment and I would gladly vote for a Democrat if they truly had the same convictions for smaller government and less regulations on businesses and individuals. As a matter of fact, I am seriously considering voting for a Democrat in the Tennessee Senate race with Bob Corker being the GOP Incumbent candidate. It is my belief that Bob Corker is a RINO and has shown he does not hold the same ideals that I do as far as smaller, less demanding government. Lamar Alexander will be my next target because he also has shown no courage to slow down or reverse the growth of Government.

Only time will see now. We have roughly 90 days left before the general election. I really do hope that the American people turn out to vote in record numbers  and make some serious changes in our Government. From the President down to the local yokel, we need changes. SERIOUS changes.

It has been a while since I have posted and thought I would catch up on current events.

For starters, let it be known that Mitt Romney is not my choice for a president. He is, however, the one I will vote for in November. He is not necessarily the proverbial “lesser of two evils” but instead just someone who doesn’t share my political views nor my goals for this country. I rather think his campaign, so far, has been one to only defend himself when the buzz of opposition is so loud that he can’t stand it any more, and not one on standing on a principal until Hell freezes over. I would MUCH rather vote for a man who stands on his convictions, supports a strong America and will work to get government out-of-the-way for individuals and small businesses. My personal choice was Rick Santorum, and only for the reason that he was proud to stand up for his Christian convictions, even when the far left (and some of the right) was mocking him and his family. I still feel that he would have run the country showing compassion to other countries when possible, and showing strength when necessary while at the same time bringing in advisors that would help to turn around our sagging economy.

By this time there should be no doubts that I am anti-Obama. Personally, I feel that the man is a socialist and is heading the country down the path of socialism and communism. There is so much we know about just about every politician, yet so much of Obama’s past remains sealed or behind a blur or uncertainty or just out-right lies. For instance;

1. His Occidental college records – SEALED

2. Columbia College Records – SEALED

3. His Columbia College Thesis – SEALED

4. His Harvard College Records – SEALED

5. His Selective Service Registration – SEALED

6. His Medical Records – SEALED

7. His Illinois State Senate Schedule (people who visited him while he was a state senator) –  SEALED

8. His Illinois State Senate Records – SEALED

9. His Law Practice Client list – SEALED

10. A certified copy of his original Birth certificate – SEALED

11. A signed Embossed paper certificate of Live Birth – SEALED

NOTE: For those anti-birthers out there, note that the one the white house provided has been PROVEN to be a fake by several agencies. The fake one they did offer did not have the embossed state seal on it and would not be acceptable to even get a driver’s license in ANY state, nor would it be possible to receive a passport using that document. There have been many reports that he may have actually used a number of aliases through the years, and at this point I am not convinced that his real name is Obama.

12. His Baptism records is SEALED… I know, a strange one since he proclaims to be Christian

13. No record of why Michelle Obummer’s law license was revoked.

14. Records of his receiving “Foreign Student Aid”  in college. SEALED

15. What passport did he use to visit Pakistan in 1981? Why did he go there in the first place?

The list goes on and on, including an endorsement by the Communist Party U.S.A., telling the body of SEIU “Your Agenda has been My Agenda” and other ideals including causing electricity rates to skyrocket and to shut down all coal-fired electric plants. There are no records of his years living in Indonesia or Kenya, and his being raised in all Muslim schools. There seems to be a real cloud when he gave his life to Christ and denounced his muslim upbringing. After all, his father was Muslim and there is no reason to believe that at least his younger years he was raised as a muslim. He has been on record as saying “If war was to break out in the middle east, I would side with the muslims”… yet you never hear any of this from the media.

The left seems to be basing their whole campaign on Romney’s tax returns, instead of Obama’s accomplishments and goals. Romney has been a successful businessman. Period. If he is like any other successful businessman that I know of he doesn’t always base his business principles on helping out the small guy, but rather he is more driven to padding his own wealth as well as the wealth of the stockholders of the corporations he represents. In about 80% of the time, he has been quite successful in building wealth. I am willing to bet, with my vote for him, that his policies can help to turn the economy around and begin to cut our national debt and improve the ability of most Americans to find work. It is also odd that Romney has given more money to charity than Obama has made. Period.  When did it become a crime for Americans to be successful?

There is a record of every official visitor to the White House. The Obama Administration has filed many law suits about having to show who gets to visit Obama. Records show that George Cloony has spent more time with Obama than the DEA Chief Michele Leonhart. That is the head of the education department, for those not savvy on acronyms. The visit from the DEA was way back in 2011, and only one time. So much to say for a president that is so concerned about education, huh?  All of this while the Food and Drug Administrator (FDA) has visited a whopping 69 times. Granted, most of these were to visit Michelle, and only 3 of the visits to Barack, but still, there is a reason to believe there is close ties with this administration and the Obama’s. There have also been a LOT of reports that the FOIA record keeping is bypassed by having meetings at local DC coffee shops. Obama is known to have numerous meetings with lobbyists a these places in order to bypass any records that the GOP can use against him.

From someone who campaigned as being the most open president in history, he sure has done everything he can to avoid any record keeping, and to help Eric Holder cover up a botched gun-running scheme. The white house staff also admits that “famous” people are routinely omitted from the official visitor list to the white house.

What we do know is that Obama has not visited our closest Ally, Israel, since becoming president. I really find it impossible to believe that American Jews would support such a president that openly admits he will side with Israel’s enemies if it comes down to it. Strange.. We also know that the Obama administration has had a rash of National Security leaks.

Again and again, we know so little about the President of the United States.  Who can we blame for this? Bush?


I grew up in the 60’s, and it was an age when people protested and did “sit-in’s” on a regular basis. Heck, the end of the Viet Nam war came mainly because of protesters. Woodstock was a music festival caped in anti-war protests. I am no stranger to protesting and I will protest for a good cause any day of the week. I will even get arrested, if that is what it takes, to prove my point.

Now enter the current protest on Wall Street (and many other streets across the Nation.

I have watched with great interest of these people will get their act together and have a firm goal for their protests. So far, I really havent seen anybody come up with a good reason for the protest, other than they are mad. For whatever reason, they think it is “corporations” that are causing their sufferings, but in reality… is it really?

I will give you the fact that Banks have taken advantage of the “system.”  Banks are one of my companies that I truly do not like. Any time someone controls my money, I am immediately not in complete trust of them. Banks are also in bed with the government. If you don’t think so, try making a mistake on your tax return and see how quickly the bank complies with confiscating your money on the government’s behalf!

Here is what just doesn’t make sense:

Our government (Democrats and Republicans with a few Independents thrown in) has put us into over 14 trillion dollars worth of National Debt. That is money we have borrowed from countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.  They have spent money studying the masturbation techniques of drunk monkeys, taught chinese whores how to drink responsibly, and presently are trying to give away money to do other studies in African nations ( as well as funding “green” initiatives and companies to end a global warming problem that doesn’t exist.

The Federal Government has “Bailed out” banks, car companies, and just plain given away money to everything and everybody you can think of. Does it make sense that we borrow money from China so that we can give it away to Pakistan? How about giving billions of dollars each year to the Palestinians so they wont  suicide bomb the Israelis? Keep in mind that we are paying interest on this money we are borrowing.

I would be willing to bet that every one of these protesters would tell you that Steve Jobs was a miracle man, having given us things like the Iphone, the Ipod, Apple COmputers, and Ipads, and an operating system that pretty much is bullet proof to viruses and worms. He started in his garage and borrowed and begged for enough money to start the company. He died today as one of the richest men in the world. He should be! He was a genius, gave his life to make things that people wanted to buy, and made the world a better place to live.  Wall street is full of companies (corporations) that began like Apple and Steve Jobs. Wall street is full of corporations like Microsoft, who is another garage guy that discovered and made the DOS operating system and WIndows. I could go on and on, but this is Wall Street.

Wall street is a place to trade stocks and bonds in an effort to improve your financial worth. A worth of people like me, my parents, and most Americans who can save a few dollars. Even Americans that are covered in retirement plans are a part of Wall Street. Most retirement funds invest their money on Wall Street, in hopes that they will be able to give you a better retirement when it comes time for you to retire. The largest chunk of money in the world is retirement funds.

Corporations are formed to try to protect the investors and operators of the business from frivolous law suits. By creating the corporation, it gives some measure of protection to the board of directors and the people that run the company for being held personally liable for any suits that may come against the company. Are there people who use this to skirt the laws to scam people? Of course there are! Those people usually don’t stay in business long though. All in all, corporations are people, just like you and I. People have invested their money in the company in hopes that they will produce products and services that others will want and pay for, so much so that overall the company is able to pay its expenses and then pay those that invested their hard-earned money a little interest on their investment.

Some corporations are really hits and make more money for their investors than is imaginable. Most of the time, the guy that started the business and had the dream retains a good share of the business, so his net worth goes up. Much like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These guys get filthy rich. well, filthy is a verb that doesn’t really fit, but these guys get richer than is imaginable. Is that a reason we should hate them and protest their success? I think not.

Other companies just struggle for each bit of growth they can eek out. Along the line, they are fortunate enough to buy other companies and corporations, and their net worth grows accordingly. They are a reliable company that sells products and services that people want.  They consistently pay out dividends to their investors but their overall net worth doesn’t really grow. It is the steady income that the investors (people like you and I and our retirement savings) really like.

Again, I don’t get why these people are protesting corporations on Wall Street. If a company breaks the law or doesn’t abide in a responsible way, then by all means boycott them or protest them, but to protest ALL companies?

So I have to ask, why are these people protesting Wall Street? It makes no sense. From what I can gather, even they don’t  know why they are there.  Shouldn’t they be protesting the Government’s inept squandering of taxpayer money, outrageous borrowing from communist countries, and just plain creating havoc on our jobs by creating rules and regulations that are sending our jobs overseas?

Welcome to the Tea Party Movement!

I have always had a pretty high esteem for the American Lung Association, especially for their efforts to educate people on the dangers of smoking. I didn’t always believe all they were telling about smoking, but I had to tell myself that they were doing their best to help those that smoke to quit for their overall health.

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the political arena about coal power plants. Our current administration wants to put them all out of business and really doesn’t care how much it costs anyone because of it. On the Fox News Channel lately there has been a commercial which claims there is a direct link between coal-fired power plants and infant asthma. I could not believe this to be true, so I began researching the science on this. The latest INDEPENDENT study I could find was done in 1993 (when there was much less regulation on coal-fired plants) and there was, in some cases but not all, a slight difference between some of the control communities who lived neat coal power plants and those that are not anywhere near one. Read here a 1% difference, and not all communities had even this 1% difference. You have to do some reading here because this study was done to try to see if there was really a link between open coal mining and childhood asthma (as previously claimed by the lung association. This was proven to be false in 2001 in this study. If you are into reading scientific data charts and want to see it for yourself, then you can try THIS LINK

The bottom line here is that the American Lung Association has fallen prey to the Environmentalist Religion and their most recent television commercial is just not 100% completely true. Shame on this group for allowing their reputation to be tarnished by these Environmental Marxists!

Nobody, including myself, wants to breathe dirty air or drink dirty water, but there has to be a balance between the overall good of the United States and the good of the individual. There are areas of our country that have cleaner air than others, and anyone is free to move there. There are also areas of our country that are better for other lung problems, such as a dry climate or a humid climate, and anyone is free to move there too. Should we all suffer because aunt Sally lives in South Florida but needs a Dry Climate for her Asthma? I think not. Aunt Sally can move to Arizona where she will be nice and warm and also have all of the dry air she can breathe. If these organizations such as the Lung Association are going to challenge the way of life for ALL of us, then they better make sure they are using bullet proof data to base their conclusions on. They better make sure they have given due diligence to the economic effects of the changes they are proposing in order to win the hearts and minds of the people. After all, WE THE PEOPLE still rule this Country! (Not the Environmentalists)



Today brings another new post about Democratic fundraisers at $25,000 per ticket being brought on by none other than a guy who benefitted by the millions for his Missouri wind power farm. His company got a 107 Million dollar tax credit (can we say LOOPHOLE FOR THE RICH?)  We stand by and let this happen and for some reason this does not ring any bells  nor do any of the democrats cry out loud about corruption in government. More of our stimulus money being wasted for GREEN companies.  You can read the full story here

I wonder when we are going to finally admit that Environmentalism is a religion and treat it as such?

This week brings on a competition of college engineering students to try to make a house that is self-sufficient and completely energy grid free. GREAT idea! The problem is that our Federal government has given each team $100,000 for their efforts, and each team is reporting that their project cost over $500k but if we would just mass produce them, the price would probably drop to $300k. Nice… for a one room house. Can we say useless boys and girls? You can read this full story here

There are some Democratic congressmen throwing a party in South Carolina, if anybody is interested in joining in.  I guess they are celebrating all the millions of dollars that have been paid out to DEAD PEOPLE?? Maybe the DEAD PEOPLE ARE STILL VOTING?